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What can we say about Marie Osmond Dolls?  They are allHershey's Kisses Doll about love, life and fun.  Delightful children, adorable toddlers, and sweet babies, most in porcelain and many in high quality vinyl.  Marie Osmond and her husband head up the company, Charisma Brands, that bring you Marie Osmond Dolls, and Marie is involved every step of the way, from the beginning design process through the detailed costuming of the dolls.  And, what costuming!  Of all the dolls that we carry here at Katherine's Cottage, Marie Osmond Dolls have some of the most delightful costuming--everything carefully done to bring home the  theme of the doll in the most pleasing possible way. Marie herself sculpts some of the dolls, including the iconic Adora Belle line, a modern Kewpie-like doll for today.

We carry a full range of Marie Osmond dolls including Tiny Tots, Adora Belle dolls, the Rose series, Huggs & Kissy dolls and so much more! 

So, don't delay--order online in safety and confidence, or call Katherine's Cottage  today at 530-898-9400 for all your Marie Osmond doll needs! 

Our Favorite Marie Osmond Doll Picks This Month:

Adora Belle Holiday: This new Adora Belle for the holiday season is picture perfect in her fantastic dressy deep red and gold Christmas dress! Only $79.99!

Emmerson Rose: Part of the Portrait Series, Emmerson Rose is adorable and elegant, limited to onlhy 2,000 dolls and sculpted by Sonja Breyer in porcelain. $159.99.

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